Vital Grooves is the label brand conceived, developed and directed by the female artist ONLY ESSENCE formally known as DJitalEssence.

She began building it's foundations in 2009 as a platform for her own music productions.

In 2012 Vital Grooves Label really came to life with the launch of it's music distribution to most major online stores.

A steady progressional stream of releases continued on her journey of musical experimentation & creative expression until 2018 where a slight pause was taken

Dynamic incremental progress is the name of the game, natural creative evolution in life, soul and music!

This is a primarily dance music focussed label with a passion for deep underground house music fusions and flavors. Influences from classic house music, UK House/Garage, 2-Step Garage, UK Funky, Broken Beats, Deep House, Electro, Electronica, retro pop, new romance and old skool anthems.

For the connoisseurs of the less mainstream, not following trends, compositions of  spontaneous inspiration at the point of mood and feeling as it plays itself out at the desk. Going with the flow of creativity as it transpires intuitively and unplanned inpired by whatever that may be, a sound, feeling, memory or just playing around for fun!

ONLY ESSENCE welcomes collaborations with other artists and remix projects.

In the backdrop of her musical output this brand promotes wellbeing. Essence as an artist works to promote healthier living where she can locally and online.

It's all about MUSIC, but also about inpsiring VITALITY in MIND, BODY &  SOUL...

Vital Grooves Label foundations were built as a labour of love, born out of artistic necessity whilst living on a shoe string.

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